About Me

Hey there, I’m Brian, co-founder of a political tech start-up named Victory Guide (part of the Higher Ground Labs portfolio.) Our goal at Victory Guide is to help progressive candidates run the best campaign possible.

For the past year, I have been using design thinking to create political tools for progressive candidates. In the process of building out political products, I have also created a robust UI system for fast iteration and agile product development.

Working in politics has been a passion of mine since 2005 when I first started working at Excellent Education for Everyone (E3). E3 was an education think tank co-founded by then-Mayor Cory Booker. At E3 I spent a serious amount of time using tech and design to build social capital in the education reform space. We lead the charge to pass several major bills and helped countless children receive a better education.

When I’m not building tools for the progressive wave I work on various creative projects (Game Devs of Color Expo), cook exotic food, and continue to explore my adopted hometown of New York City.



Great design takes more than just envisioning the final look of a project. I collaborate with key stakeholders to conduct user centered research, define the target audience, and set focused goals for the look, feel, and purpose of the final design


Building the best design often starts with pen and paper. Once I have a few great ideas sketched out I go to my computer. Here I refine the the sketches into wireframes and eventually produce high- fidelity prototypes for user testing.


The behavior i observe through user testing determines how I iterate on the final design for the project. Once the project is launched continued A/B testing and analytics are utilized for further refinement.